“ We are fully committed to providing high quality products, efficient service and professional technical advice, to contribute to the success of our customers. ”

, Here To Serve You
At Covalco we ensure that a wide technical and commercial experience is at your service.
Our equipment and products are installed throughout many countries offering reliability and security in all processes of our customers in the oil, petrochemical, gas, power generation, hydro and manufacturing.
5 Quality Management
We see quality management as a key element for success. Our company and staff are practicing ISO 9001-2000 policies and procedures as we become fully certified in the near future. From a simple supply management to a complex solution in a comprehensive project, we at Covalco collaborate with our clients to design innovation tailored to their needs, enabling improved business efficiency.
. Professionals At Work
With a large inventory available and a team of professionals to guide you to a successful analysis of engineering solutions in products and special teams, our human resources contributes to optimal performance in your project and maximize the resources according to their requirements.